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Engineered Fabrication

Having manufactured equipment for high pressure containment and extreme temperature applications, to various global standards utilising certified processes, we believe “Engineered Fabrication” is our forte. Materials of Construction (MOC) we have experience on are  to various grades of - Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Copper and various Alloys.

Engineering Services

Our engineering team has proven its mettle in transition of Design to Multiple Standards and Manufacturing to satisfaction of Client Specifications. We have built ourselves a name in manufacturing Prototypes and Development using breakthrough methodologies for cost and process cohesion.  We have experience in Engineering & Development’s for Earth moving equipment, Chassis for Locomotives, auxiliary power packs for air conditioning, Trailers, Hydel power Turbine casings & Distributor Piping, FGT, Rolling Mill equipment, Defence products, Thermal Power Boiler feed carriage.

APC Equipment

Conjugating our strengths with our Technology partners, RI Engineering is primed to cater to the Air Pollution Control Industry with flange-to-flange solutions. Combining Technology ,design, operational and maintenance experience from its partners, RI Engineering provides technologically advanced solutions.

In the APC segment our services include design, manufacture, integration, commissioning, maintenance, Upgradation  and Refurbishment of - Bag house filters, Electro-Static Precipitators (ESP), Hybrid filters and Flue gas Conditioning Equipment (DeSOx, DeNOx, Heavy Metal Adsorption).

Industry Verticals

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RI Engineering is an ISO 9001:2008 Cetrified Company. Our pedigree lies in having worked to American, European, Australian and Indian standards across industries, meeting requisites of redundancies prone to defense, critical/ continuous process equipment, pressure vessles and moving/static equipment. Working through a strong, highly adaptable and comprehensive, time tested QAP allows us to certify components to larger tested products and equipment.